Question and Answer

The Watson Question and Answer service interprets and answers user questions directly based on primary data sources (brochures, web pages, manuals, records, etc.) that have been selected and gathered into a body of data or 'corpus'. The current corpora that are available in Bluemix focus on the Travel and Healthcare industries.


The Question and Answer service is being withdrawn

After November 20, you will not be able to create service instances, and on December, 16, 2015, you will no longer be able to make calls to the service. We encourage you to explore the following replacement services: Natural Language Classifier, Dialog, Retrieve and Rank, and Document Conversion. These services include the power and flexibility to embed customized question and answer capabilities into your applications and can be used with your industry-specific or application-specific data. None of these services requires deep knowledge of machine learning or linguistic models.

For more information, see the withdrawal announcement in the Watson blog.